13 March 2011

Project Borneo DeforestACTION

Youth across the planet have united to create DeforestAction - a global collaborative project to halt the destruction of rainforests, create a permanent home for orang-utans, and save the planet.

From schools, homes and communities across the world, this project is one of the most important of our time, driven by youth for the future of the world.

The forests of the world are disappearing fast. If we don't do something soon, they will all be destroyed, taking away the habitat of orangutans and other wildlife. In Indonesia alone, a forest the size of 300 football fields is being cut down every hour - to make way for palm oil plantations.

Click to play my video application.

Out of 218 applicants from over 26 countries, I have been selected in the top 25!

If I can recruit 500 supporters and raise $5,000
I'll be invited to visit Borneo to be part of the project !!!

Please help support DeforestAction through my Online Action Hub 

Every $10 gets you 5 sq. meters of land for ecological restoration in Borneo.

This project has the potential to put Deforestation on the mainstream agenda, a bit like what Al Gores 'An Inconvenient Truth' did for Climate Change back in 2006.

The whole project is going to be filmed in 3D film!!! that's freakin' exciting.

Remember the movie Avatar? well imagine the creative potential of this project to connect people to our sacred Rainforest communities... and inspire global action to protect and restore our planets Rainforests.

If we can connect peoples hearts & minds to the rainforest, then the solutions that are already available will gather the energy they need to restore our planet back to health!

Below is a small sample of my Rainforest Photography that I have been exhibiting around the traps of late. If you would like to purchase prints please get in touch. 50% of all proceeds go towards my fund-raising goals in Borneo.

~Abundant Earth Love~

Paul Daley

The stunning Double-eyed fig parrot from tropical Australia

A gorgeous female Sumatran Orangutan 

the magical misty 'Sub-tropical Rainforest' of Northern NSW

 the Kirama Ranges in Far-North Queensland 
are home to the most southerly occurring 
Tree-climbing Kangaroos on our planet. 
Wollumbin (Mt Warning)
is the central plug of an ancient shield volcano in Northern NSW.
It is the first piece of land in Australia to be blessed by the sun each day.

the Misty montane Rainforest of Borneo

In the heart of semi-arid central Queensland is the majestic Carnarvon Gorge 
home to some incredibly ancient relic Rainforest flora

A Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo from far-north QLD, Australia

two giant Kauri Pines in far north QLD

 Gorgeous 'Brindle Creek' in the Border Ranges National Park

Sumatran Orangutan in Gunung Leuser National Park


The crew @ Brush Turkey Enterprises on a Rainforest Ecology Workshop day

Despite covering only 2% of our planet's surface, over half of the earth's animal, insect species, and flora live in the Rainforest

Within a 6 square kilometer area of a tropical rainforest, you would typically find:
  • Over 750 species of trees
  • 1500 different kinds of flowering plants
  • 125 species of mammals
  • 400 species of birds
  • 100 reptiles
  • 60 amphibians
  • countless insects
  • 150 species of butterflies

**Only 1% of these species has ever been studied**