19 February 2008

Earth Freq

Earth Freq is a weekend-long music, lifestyle and environment festival.

The concept of the Earth Frequency is not just a party, but a gathering of the tribes and a weekend of intention.

The focus is on creating a meaningful space to gather, where we can raise awareness and share useful information on environmental issues and sustainable lifestyle choices, consolidate community bonds with creative and fun activities, and provide a positive transformative party experience in the beautiful Australian outdoors.

This years gathering moved from Northern New South Wales, up over the border in South-East Queensland, in the beautiful and ecologically significant Goomburra Valley, just under the Main Range National Park boundary.

Since getting my BOB ibex trailer 2 weeks ago i have set the intention to go on a 100km + ride each weekend before I leave for North Queensland. So I packed my new yellow bike trailer and set-off on the 2 day ride over the Border, which was an absolutely magestic and energetically powerful route, going from Kyogle -> Woodenbong -> Legume -> Killarney -> Goomburra and up into Gordon Country on the western side of the Great Dividing Range.

The Journey was not without it's mechanical challenges, with the chain breaking 3 times, my back breaks failing AND a broken spoke. I can say without a doubt that i will now be looking for a decent bike to take me on future journeys around this magical planet.

I arrived at the festival site to catch up and connect with friends, old and new. An incredibly lush location which I eventually discovered is overflowing with ecological significance. After munching down a cook-up of Noodles and Tofu, made with much Love by Brother Tony, we headed down towards the main stage to stomp toes to some yummy sunset beatz. The Art and Decoré was simply devine, heaps of sacred geometry and Earth mandala banners.

I had an Early one on Friday night after 2 huge days of riding. Woke up early, and after a walk upstream, a swim in the Creek, some breakfast and a poo, I was ready to go and see and experience some environmental Talks and participate in a few of the Earth frequency workshops.

First up was Tai Chi & Chi Gong with Lizzy. Incredibly grounding and a feeling of peace and subtle present moment awareness instantly pervaded the space. Ther was a few familiar moves such as 'Painting Rainbows' and 'Moving Clouds', all to the cyclic rhythms of the Breath. We finished off with some slow and sutble Tai Chi walking, one step at a time, moment by moment.

Next up was a Talk by the beautiful Happy High goddess, Sarah. It is the Happy High Herb peoples mission to promote Legal High Herbs as safe alternatives to harmful illegal and legal drugs. Natural alternatives to 'legal' drugs such as alcohol, coffee and cigarettes face stark
oppression and restrictions by the political lobbying and biased influence from powerful profit driven pharmaceutical corporations. This woman knows her herbs and she is an absolutely beautiful human being.

I can say from experience that the 'Buzz' herbal high mix has activated a state of ecstasy and bliss within my heart and body at Woodford Folk Festival last year, so i chose to get one for Sunday morning dancing to my favourite progressive trance artist 'Sun Control Species' . These herbal mixes don't have come-down effects, are not energetically draining on your body and are in no way addictive.

Kali and Saphire gave a really inspirational and affirmative talk on 'Deep Ecology, Climate Change and Personal Activism'

The whole message and intent behind this talk was to

'Be the Change you Wish To See in the World'

These words, first spoken by Gandhi, mean living acccording to our values. We know that everything we do has an impact on the world, and because we truly want a sustainable future, we question every single one of our personal actions. We try, with every action, to minimize the negative, and maximize the positive.
From getting dressed, to grabbing a coffee, to transporting ourselves to school or work, we know that we can either be contributing to child labour, exploitation of people and land, pollution and climate change, OR we can contribute to alternative income projects, fair trade and sustainable agriculture, and an emissions-free bicycle culture. The change we make in the world is up to us. So we make that choice to 'walk the talk', to practice more sustainable consumption and be conscious consumers, to try to be 'morally coherent' in all of our choices - and thousands of others are making those choices too! The mindset is spreading - you can see evidence in grocery stores, sidewalks, public washrooms, coffee shops, and backyards across the country, as people everywhere are committing to being the change THEY wish to see in the world!

The next presentation was by a good friend and ecologist, Mark Graham (Zugga Zugga!)

Mark spoke of the ecological significance of the Goomburra Valley, and the whole Main Range National Park. This is the only area in the whole Murray-Darling catchment that has Sub-Tropical Rainforest, making it a very unique and biologically active section of Australia's once mighty river.

We went on a Bushwalk and Mark spoke with such passion about life and ecology, the interconnectedness of natures endless relationships, and how this is strengthened through ecological bio-diversity.

It has re-ignited my desire to study environmental science somewhere down the track.

This incredibly special range is a refuge for the beautiful Richmond birdwing butterfly, endangered birds (e.g. the eastern bristlebird), amphibians such as the Fleay's barred frog, and mammals such as the Spotted-tail quoll and the Hastings River mouse.

Next up was Marti Wiz-domes. Who is a wiz when it comes to creating geometric bamboo domes.

He gave a talk on how to build a bamboo style tree-house deck. It was really cool seeing how he works and what tools are used. I will live in one of these domes one day for sure.

once again, I slept on Saturday night, saving my energy for Sunday morning sunrise dance. This was the most powerful, trance induced dancing I have experienced in many years, so very energetically powerful.

This was the main morning of the festival and the energy was alive and pulsating from the very core of our existence. everyone had the most brightest smiles on their faces and spirits awakened by the common connection we have as bare footed 'beings' breathing life as one.

I feel truly blessed to be alive and surrounded by such amazing country. To experience mother natures finest amongst the company of open hearted friends, brought a huge smile to my face. This is one of my most favorite gatherings of the year.

Congratulations to Paul Abad and Crew.

“Globally and culturally we are undergoing an initiation.
We are moving out of the journey of the hero and the heroine
... that process of individuation.

An archetypal shift or initiation is occurring
where we are moving into the journey of partnership

the journey of the tribe.
The journey of partnership ... requires the spirit of cooperation and collaboration

... requires that we learn about collective leadership and collective wisdom.”
- Angeles Arrien, “The Second Half of Life” transcript

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Brother Paul - a beautiful account of an amazing weekend - you're an inspiration and truly one of a kind ...In Lakech