1 May 2008

Words are Seeds

The words you speak sow seeds in the minds of those who hear.
The formed word is like the shell of the seed. It hides the potential
for manifestation in its tiny, unassuming exterior. The word can fool
us with its humble appearance. It passes swiftly in conversation:
just a couple of syllables, spoken and then gone.

And yet, like the seed in the earth, the word may have vanished from view, but there, under the surface, it enters a transformational process.
With just a few favorable conditions, that camouflaged fleck takes root.

The shell of the word (its spelling, sound and language) cracks open in the fertile ground of consciousness. Out pours its vibrational essence.
Three Kinds of Words.

You can find countless more complex classifications of words
than this one. This little system has nothing to do with grammar or parts of speech. It simply sorts all your words into three piles of seeds.

Flowers. Flower words beautify your experience. When you speak them they brighten those who hear. They highlight what is wanted in a way that makes good things palpable and present.
When you speak flower words, these seeds sprout into beneficial experiences in the lives of those who are listening.

Fruits. Fruit words nourish. In times of tragedy, fruit words offer ease and comfort. In times of challenge, these words bring encouragement. In times of inspiration, they burst with colorful, nutritious enthusiasm.
Fruit words fill a gap with just what is needed. They carry the recipient forward. Fruit words work miracles.

Weeds. Weed words perpetuate habits. Some of them can even look pretty and serve a function, but if you sow too many weeds they tend to squeeze out the flowers and fruits.
Weed words are the ones spoken with no clear intention. They fill whatever
space they can and they offer no harvest.
Weed words dampen your sense of aliveness. 

Two Kinds of Soil.
Words float from your lips and they land in two places at once.

They land in others who hear your words and they also land in you.

Others. Once your words have been spoken and heard, the seed's shell begins to dissolve very quickly. The vibrational essence reverberates in the recipient and mingles with their experiences and associations. A whole new creation takes form.

You. When you hear your own words, they re-impregnate your field of consciousness with the essence of the meaning you intended when you spoke them. 

If they were flower words, your life would become happier because you spoke them.

If they were fruit words, you would feel more satisfied and stabilized in their wake.
Many times in the day we tend to speak weed words. In that case, you maintain your state just the way it has been.

No great benefit or detriment comes of it.
If you begin tipping the scales toward more and more weed words, you'll start to feel the undesirable outcome of your sowing.

On the other hand, if you get even a little bit
more intentional with your flowers and fruits and cut down on your weed words,
... the difference in your manifestation will be remarkable.

No Dictionaries.
It's easy to tell which words are which. You can tell by the way you feel
as the words are coming out of your mouth what kind of seeds you are speaking.
You don't have to look up a word in the dictionary to see if it is a flower or a weed. It won't even work to make a list of fruit words and decide to speak only those.
Since the spoken or written word only shows you the outer shell of the seed, you must look inside yourself at every utterance to know what kind of seeds you are sowing.

The very same word, when spoken in different situations, may germinate with
completely different results.

Instant Harvest. Although words can instigate creation of tremendous duration, there is a moment of instant harvest as the words are spoken. You can feel the immediate sprouting even before you finish your sentence.
At that moment, if you recognize a weed taking form, you can shift your conversations and produce a flower before you even pause for your next breath.

Joyous Harvest. Paying attention to the seeds you are sowing with your words has nothing to do with word selection.
Let your words flow. In order to harvest a joyful
satisfying life, follow these three simple instructions and let the words choose

ONE. On the day-to-day path of your consciousness, let your attention be drawn to things you love.
The more you allow this natural movement, the more you will be
inspired to utter flower words.

TWO. In your interactions with others, see everyone you encounter as an expression of divine life force in a unique configuration. The more you look into the essence of others, the more you will be inspired to utter fruit words.
THREE. Assign brief periods, maybe five or ten minutes, when you pause before
speaking. In these segments, check your intention before the words become sound. In these brief, private training sessions, you will invite greater expression of flowers and fruits and you will begin to naturally diminish the weed population in your conversation.

You can inspire others to greatness. You can open your access to ever expanding joy. Make your sowing of words more intentional and your life will overflow with a continuous harvest of fulfillment.
by Rebbie Straubing

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