12 October 2008

Zeitgeist - A Doco on our flawed economy

As you've probably realized so far, Caldera Creations is a nature blog, an expression of but a tiny fraction of the Earths incredible biodiversity. I hope to raise some awareness of the beauty and magic of the natural world and maybe foster an appreciation of the sacredness of our Mother Earth.

More than anything it would be my hope that you go and find your own place in nature to recharge your spiritual batteries and get re-connected, or just observe your sense of disconnection, somewhere to be still and allow spaciousness to guide you on your way.

So I guess it may seem a little bit odd to be posting a video that focuses on the systemic flaws within our monetary system, especially on a 'nature blog'.

My feelings are that the worlds energy, environmental, economic and spiritual problems are all interconnected, and from that point of view it's only natural I share an alternative perspective on the current economic crisis we are witnessing.

If you have a spare hour or two, watch this documentary that focuses on the flawed economic structures that we have subscribed to in modern times.

Keep an open mind and even if you don't resonate with the content, atleast observe your own internal reactions to the message of this movie, and maybe question why it is you believe what you do.

to watch in a large window .. follow this link

Zeitgeist - Addendum

if this doesn't interest you, or you just don't have two hours to spare, then how about taking a nice big deep breath and tune into this green Elaphant for a 10 minute meditation...

or just some good ole mother earth appreciation ...

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Crikey Paul, you must have access to a fast internet speed!