20 September 2015

A Time Travellers Tales

I'll let you in a little secret - it's not uncommon that I am overwhelmed with emotion when I'm flying - I shed a little tear more often than not. It's a mix of mourning our transforming world, sudden and deep nostalgia for different time-lines (people and places) and pure elation at simply being alive and existing on this planet we call Earth.

It's almost like downloading something - upgrades for the journey ahead, or perhaps de-fragmenting and processing the path just walked.

There's something about being up so high - the wide angle view of life - the eagles sight.

I find that the moment between new chapters contain a lot of energy for change, growth, reflection.

It's like - we get to put the book down and take a breath - where is this story going?

A service on the spirit, of sorts.

Sometimes we get caught up in the forest trails of life - tangled in the undergrowth.

From time to time we have to sit back and view the forest canopy from above the valley - climb a tree or perch ourselves above a rock - get a landscape view of the journey being walked - before heading back down the trail.

It feels like foundations are being put down for a building that I don't have a design for - and yet it still exists, in some kind of living, organically evolving state of becoming. Little flashes of it's 3 dimensional structure appear from time to time.

After 2 weeks back in Sumatra - I'm about to leave for Singapore to apply for another 6 month social culture visa - after which I will return to Indonesia for the rest of 2015.

It's very much like being in a space between realms - where I feel more then ever like a time-traveler.

From the villages along the border with the Leuser ecosystem - a 2.6 million hectare protected area in North Sumatra and Aceh - to the South East Asian mega city of Singapore.

Fires are raging across Sumatra and Borneo - visibility is greatly reduced - the air thick with smoke.

2015 and forests are still being leveled - scientists call this the 6th major extinction episode in Earths history, entirely caused by human activity.

Oh if I could be a time-traveler and see where this is all heading - ask my grandchildren for some guidance - what on Earth would they say?

And every now then - whilst time traveling - I get a little glimpse at at the mechanics behind this universal projector - and then, like a dream in the morning after sleeping in, it is forgotten instantly, with fast fading black and white imprints of intangible explanations the only impression to go by..

a flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream.

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