16 November 2016

The Sheep and the Shepherd.

Two of the primary archetypal plugged-in humans are the sheep and the shepherd.

Are you one of the two?

Both have swallowed the drug and they are the sheep of the phantom matrix.

The Shepherd is a plugged-in human who’s holy grail is FAME and Self Glorification - even if only a handful ever attain it - with the help of today’s social media, every shepherd-wanna-be gets to be sedated by their 15 minutes of fame. 

A watered-down, more “justified” version of this holy grail is “the need for Success”. As long as “Success” is seen, compared and defined through the mirror of the other rather than through one’s own potential and inner sense of worth, value and self knowing, the shepherd will be reaping power over others, plugged in a “fight for ego survival” program, a carefully concealed hostility which is the most constant modality of humans functioning within the marketplace of the matrix. 

One thing the “successful” shepherd is not aware of, is that by achieving the worship and envy of others, by securing superiority and fake Godhood for a moment in time, the shepherd has become in reality dependent upon the other and therefore become the sheep of his swallowed addiction.

The sheep are plugged-in humans who needs someone to worship and someone to debase. The sheep live through the glory of their master and take gratification from this act of worship; the closer they get to their master the more they feel tagged with glory. 

They either gave up their own dreams, didn’t dare to dream them or are feeding their dying fantasies from the delusion that they will one day attain similar glory themselves. 

At the core of this is a sense of self-judgment, self-loathing and unworthiness. 

On the other hand, the sheep look down upon those whom they perceive as inferior to them, and likewise find fulfillment in this act of debasement.

Having seen through the matrix, through the program, through the drug, an Unplugged human’s holy grail becomes FREEDOM. 

Unplugged humans couldn’t give a hoot about being liked, accepted or worshiped. 

They are free from all opinions, expectations and validations from others, including oneself because they are simply aware that such needs are inorganic programs originated from the matrix, especially their own criticizing, self-loathing voice. 

They are aware that true Freedom entails a complete annihilation of the false self-hood that plays within the phantom matrix.

When humans awaken to the glory of their expanded multi dimensional anatomy, they will no longer be invested in power struggle traps, nor enslaved to inorganic preset mental programs, they will instead plug into their inherent power which needs no eye to see it nor another to validate it. Hence one’s power becomes mastery of Self rather than mastery over the other.


~ Hoda Fadel

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