29 May 2017



What is forgiveness, but love. And what is love, but acceptance.

Acceptance of what was. 

A deep seeing that reaches beyond past actions, to witness the spirit within.

A compassionate eye that sees the soul that wishes to be.

Our future selves, our best selves, often lay imprisoned in a cell of guilt, built of past transgressions.

To set that spirit free we must dismantle the walls of disapproval. Cease to whip the wounds of disappointment.

For prolonged punishment does naught but reconstitute the wrongs of old. And there comes a day when the sentence must end, so that a new self may emerge.

Having served its purpose, let the stains of guilt be washed away by the gentle welling of forgiveness.

Deny not that which you could be, by clinging to judgement of what was.

Though sadness and knowledge of the past remain. 

Let the seed of a new spirit grow in the light of love.

- Uschi Steedman 'People, Planet, Place' 2012 


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