28 January 2008

Cycling Journey

The purpose of this Blog is to share thoughts, feelings, visions, travels, ideas and inspiration with my friends and family.

My passion lies in nature (including the nature of all things; anicca/impermanence) and ecological awareness, and the original intention was to leave the beautiful community of Kyogle in April 2008 and cycle (push-bike) up through North Qld and Northern Territory to Darwin, where I'll Island hop via yachts and boats to Borneo in South-East Asia, and volunteer with a conservation group in Lower Kindabtangan, Sabah , Malaysia-Borneo. http://www.mescot.org/

Photography by "Rick Gunn" of MESCOT Rainforest Restoration program in Borneo http://www.rickgunnphotography.com/

The vision is to experience and photograph the magic and essence of South East Asia's remaining Tropical Rainforests (1/3 of original forest remains, largely fragmented) and capture all the inspirational conservation projects in the area.

To balance the light with the polar opposite, I will also confront the logging and habitat destruction, which simply will not go on for much longer, because the world will come together and unite on the common vision of global sustainability.

Borneo is one of the Earths bio-diversity hotspots, with more species of plant found in a 25-acre plot, then North America has in total!

One single Strangler Fig in Borneo was host to 900 different species of beetle!

This massive equatorial Island is also the worlds last genetic stronghold for our closest living relative; the Orangutan, which is highly endangered due to a logging rate of 300 acres per hour (the highest deforestation rate on the planet).

But ... the plans have changed, and Borneo will have to wait until next year, after having recieved a grant from Richmond Landcare to fence of an area of our river for reforestation.

This gives me more time to prepare and get familiar with the lifestyle of Cycle Touring, so I have decided to ride my bike in March/April up through Central Qld (Canarvon Gorge) and into the Wet Tropics in Northern Queensland to experience the magic of another one of the Earths Lush Rainforest eco-systems.

I'll use this Blog to stay in touch and share the experience with friends, family or anyone out there who is interested in this ecological pilgrimage.

: )

In Lak'ech = 'I am another yourself'

~ we are all interconnected ~

~ all parts of the whole

~ nothing is separate ~

Buckminster Fuller once said, "In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete."

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