28 January 2008

Life Purpose

"One of the most powerful experiences on this Earth is when we recognize our Destiny in life. When we connect with what our job is here on earth, we become alive in the knowingness of our purpose and what we need to share with the world.

Your calling in life comes about from identifying your natural talents and gifts, and blending those with what your community or environment is most in need of. Where your passion and the need meet – there you have your calling in life. When your calling links with a cause, you can enroll others who have a similar destiny. Creating a community of like minded folks who share you vision of what is needed in the world can be one most satisfying journey.

At the root of all this is knowing the direction you are heading and then making commitments to move you further on that journey. Knowing your destination (your Destiny) gives movement towards it.

Today, think about your purpose here on Earth what is your destiny and Legacy for this world?"

~ Lak'ech

ask your self again....

what are your talents / your gifts ???

what do you LOVE doing the most / when do you feel most ALIVE ???

what is your DREAM / your vision for the WORLD ???

How do your answers align with the worlds greatest needs ???

& now .... what actions are you taking (big or little) to follow this ???

~ Lak'ech

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