16 March 2008


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”
~ Buddha

This weekend I partook in a 'Bicycle Maintenance Course'.

Wonderful ~ Informative ~ Encouraging

I Love bikes more than ever now, such an incredibly functional design.

Was great to meet some more bicycle freaks, some who have also sold the fossil-fuel machine and are living primarily "Car-Free".

During the Workshop I Heard about a screening of a movie called "Zeitgeist" (meaning 'Spirit of the Ages'), which was playing upstairs at the Windsome. The Documentary was also being screened in over 1600 locations around the planet, to synchronize with Zeitgeist Day.

absolute eye-opener

To give you a gist of the Movie, check out this flyer or visit the website


"a new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism, and recognizes that an organism, at war with itself .. is doomed"

After the movie we created a sharing circle, discussing feelings and thoughts on the how we perceived the themes of the doco' and what affect this had on our consciousness.

The film was designed to be confronting, and indeed it was. Throughout history, there has been so much war and environmental destruction being manipulated by the controlling 'elite'. Millions of people have been killed or oppressed in the name of power and greed.

as Jimi Hendrix says..

"When the power of LOVE
overcomes the love of POWER
the world will know peace"

This is the kind of information that challenges your world-view and makes you think about why things are the way they are..

For instance, why are there 800 million people starving on our planet, and yet some people have billion-dollar bank accounts.

... on the way home, with the moon half-full, I was thinking about the "Shift in Consciousness" we are going through right now.

from an Industrialized Growth Society, to a Life-Sustaining Global Community...

I don't feel I have fully understood what this means, how absolutely momentous this 'transition' period is.

There are moments when I feel truly connected, to everything, the stars, the moon, the sun, the rivers, the birds and all of life. In these moments I realize there is a dynamic relationship between a world-wide network of energy that is working towards the creation of true, heart-based, systemic changes on our mother Earth.

... These feelings are an expression of an underlying LOVE that we are all apart of each other, one global community, all interconnected aspects of the same consciousness.

There is NO separation

we are all ONE consciousness

experiencing itself subjectively

And than, from time to time, there are also moments when I doubt the process, when i experience a lack of trust in the great flow, in the ability of humanity to wake up "in time". By creating future based projections that we could ruin one of the most majestic, life-sustaining planets in the entire universe.

... These
feelings are an expression of a FEAR that I am separate from the creative forces in the universes. Experiencing the illusion that my actions don't make a difference and that I am not at cause, but at effect.


As a healer once said "the only thing we need to heal in ourselves, is the illusion of separation"

L O V E or F E A R

In this moment NOW, I feel an underlying trust that everything is going to be OK, that EVERYTHING is pervaded by an infinite and immeasurable spaciousness, and despite the risk of a global ecological collapse, if we just observe the bigger picture, we find each of us are, with the power of our hearts and minds, becoming conscious co-creators of the world we live in.

An awareness is growing stronger, that every day, we are coming closer to reaching a critical mass of consciousness, a 'Tipping Point'.

The ways of separation and competition are giving way to unity and co-operation ~

Despite the challenges we all face, both personally and globally, this life is an amazing GIFT and we can honor this present by being present and grateful for our most simple blessings, the abundance of water and food we experience in Australia, the SUN rising every day to bring light to this world, and the innate goodness that every human being IS, underneath all the surface ego.

The little clip below contain 20 keys to conscious creation

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