10 March 2008

Facing the Mass Extinction

This short 10 minute clip, on 'Facing the Mass Extinction', has me pondering the emotional processes underlying our transition to a sustainable global community.

What is it that blocks the flow of energy we need to create real and everlasting change on this living planet Earth we are all natives on...


the answer is obviously FEAR, as LOVING energy flows and FEARFUL energy blocks this flow.

you Know ? gO WiTh the FlOw ? : )

I feel the very first step of empowerment in dealing with the current social, ecological and spiritual crisis is to acknowledge the current situation, without getting to overwhelmed by fear-based future scenarios.

Quite simply, we need to accept that right NOW, our lifestyle is ...

NOT sustainable.

So Breath Deep, stay present, and direct your energy from the ever-present and eternal


Whether it's grounded in reality, or a complete ego-fabrication, our human minds are prone to projected future fears.

Smell a flower, pour some water over your head or just lie on your back and take a deep breath, acknowledge whatever feelings arise, observe and BE aware...

If we continue polluting the atmosphere, and consuming products that degrade the environment, then future generations, our very own children, will inherit a dysfunctional Earth-system.

Simply by recognizing that our 'way of life' is literally diminishing the ability of future generations to meet their most simple requirements, we allow space for conscious CHANGE.

Am I apart of the PROBLEM or apart of the SOLUTION ?

What are the underlying belief systems and values that have initiated what scientists are calling 'The 6th Major Extinction'.

What has led humanity to this ecological tipping point ?

The way i see it, there has never been a moment in the evolution of life, when the species 'Homo sapien' all-of-a-sudden became 'Seperate' from nature. Being warm blooded mammals, human beings undergo the same journey as all other life-forms, life and death, we are an interdependent aspect of the biosphere, the whole circle of life.

Throughout the course of history, there did arise the illusion that humankind was somehow 'higher' than nature, that the natural systems which support all life were simply there for our exploitation.

With this anthropocentric world-view, one single species could potentially cause half or more of the Earths estimated 10 million species to become extinct, in the blink of an eye, a mere 100 years out of a 3.8 billion year old evolutionary journey.

Lets face it, this is a surreal thought, and not one that the average person wants to confront, nor overly project.

Our society has specialized in escaping from the ecological limits to economic growth.

yet as a bumper sticker i saw recently said ...

"There is only ONE EARTH; ignore it and she will go away"

I believe we need to face this reality, collectivelly and constructively, whilst working towards being conscious co-creators of a future that will allow our children to inherit a magical planet, just like we have.

What I would love to manifest is for someone out there with the technical know-how to help put together a 'presentation' for youth across Australia, that will educate and inspire ecological awareness by informing tomorrows leaders of the systemic problems we must collectively engage with, and also explore the creative implementation of solutions.

The actions we take DO make a difference, and DO influence a very real and dynamic 'tipping point' of consciousness that is growing stronger every day, with every tree that is planted, every car that is not-brought and every bag of local produce we eat.

the big question i ask myself is, "How do we overcome Fear, Ignorace, Inertia and Dispair" which I believe are the only obstacles to creating conscious change.

With LOVE of course....


As someone wise once said 'the future is not somewhere we are going, it's something we are creating, in each and every moment'.

"The Creation of a thousand forest lies in the Heart of a single Seed"

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Lauren said...

Very well written and inspiring web page.May as many people as possible visit this site and take action to help our precious planet.