19 August 2008

Spiritsong Flute

Well my week with Dad was a special one, and I'll share more about that in due course.

But for now I'd like to share this song my dad recorded with me near a secret waterfall in the Crater Lakes National Park, an area that was my home for a few cycles of the sun.

The Folliage you can see towering overhead belongs to the worlds largest Fern, Known as the 'King Fern' (Angiopteris evecta) an ancient plant species with fossil records dating back 300 million years (180 million years before the evolution of flowers!)

So yes, this heart-song is dedicated to my little Nephew, Torin Forsyth...

I Love this little one so very much, and he makes me think about the future generations and what kind of world we will pass on to them.

In many Native American Indian cultures, they would consider the consequences of their actions as far forward as SEVEN generations.

Today, try and consider how our choices today will effect the world our childrens, childrens, childrens, childrens, childrens, childrens children live in.

I can't even imagine where I'll be this time next year, let alone the world I will introduce my children and so on.

Yet, it's worth pondering.

This beautiful Flute was hand-crated by Brother Matt 'Shooting-Star', who makes the finest American Indian Flutes this side of the Milky Way, thankyou Matty I feel blessed to have a voice for my own spirit songs.

here is Matt & Yu playing a Duette together

Yu playing the drone

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Matt said...

Wow Flutes from the other side of the milk way, well I never thought about that before but I want one and dream of playing it. Thanks brother Paulie, I am so stoked to hear of your journeys and your personal success in life, you really are one to go out make the change and create your beauty within. This is a great blog My journey continues to tell me No matter how hard and challenging it is for one, always be true to yourself and stand in your power. Never doubt your abilities.
Unite with fellow brethren for together we change the world, and without each other we have nothing.