14 September 2008

Earth - Spirit - Action


Earth Spirit Action is produced and directed by Ruth Rosenhek, The film features Starhawk, Vandana Shiva, Ruth Rosenhek, John Seed and Matthew Fox speaking on Deep Ecology, Living Democracy and Revolution in Consciousness in a fast moving discussion of the type of change that needs to take place for a Sustainable Future.

An inspirational and stimulating film including beautiful nature footage and a colourful array of global action shots.

Rainforest Information Centre

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Jen said...

Hi Paul,
we enjoyed this mini doco immensely but feel so sad. We've had a chance to see how the poorest of Ecuador's people live on the fringes of the big cities. Felt that there was no way back for them nor their disintegrated environment... It's pretty hard to witness the most apocalyptic scenes on the planet because we just want to return to the beauty, to where we feel good about ourselves and the world. I guess though, flowers die too and so the challenge is to see that, even in the most 'mordor' like environments, there is still a natural cycle unfolding and something new or unknown waiting to rise up again.
Love to you from Ecuador
Jenny and Chris